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[Computerbank] Documentation Meeting

Hi All, (particularly folk on Documentation teams in VIC)

I would like to call a meeting of all documentation people - this includes
people who have been involved in policy writing, technical and training
documentation and people who think that they might like to write documents, edit
documents or do other wonderful things with documents (convert them to other

This meeting will occur on Wednesday 7th of November at 8pm. It will probably
finish around 10pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to formulate a strategy for tidying up all kinds
of documentation, formulate working groups (tech, train, admin and policy) and
to allocate tasks and action plans. 

We will also try to review our exisiting documentation and will try to formulate
guidelines for document standards. 

The meeting will also provide a great opportunity to catch up with other folk
working on documentation. If you are coming please RSVP by Monday 5th of
November so I know how many packets of biscuits I should buy. :)


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