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[Computerbank] upcoming for cbsa

Hi peoples,

now that CBAUS is up and running, I am proud to announce that I am the 
SA representative on the CBAUS committee (a quorum of active SA members 
ratified this).

As a result of much actvity happening, we have identified some 
priorities for SA....

1 sort out paperwork/procedures to interact with cbaus
2 committee time - nominations being calle dofr soon
3 volunteer forms- if you havent submitted, you arent covered by 
liability insurance peeps-so get them into us asap!
4 membership drive/simultaneous resource drive...(publicity time!)
5 storage/place to meet!!!!!
6 database for us to store recip/volunteer details, also system/parts 
7 identifying a recipe for a standard install of linux..preferrably a 
standard aus wide...
8 membership of sa - paid membership only necessary if you wish voting 
9 fundraising ideas - remember all funds raised (including membership 
fees) will go to our branch (processed through cbaus for gst purposes)
ideas include:
look at wftd(work for the dole) funding, as cbvic has utilised....
fundraising events like quiz nights etc
corporate sponsorship
contacting volunteer support gvt agencies

so, I propose a meeting soon...online or offline..takers?


icq no:393293

Computerbank Australia -  SA branch member

"All that is necessary for the triumph of
evil is that good men do nothing."
(Edmund Burke)

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