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[Computerbank] computers (fwd)

Hi Everyone 

I recieved this email from Bruce yesterday and thought that it needed to
be forwarded.

Bruce was originally involved with Doctors Without Borders and now has
started Learning for All.

It's great to have positve feedback.


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Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 08:32:24 +1000
From: Bruce Rowse <brucer@ihug.com.au>
To: Penni Diffey <moose@artificial-stupidity.net>
Subject: computers

Hi Penni,

It was great to meet you yesterday and see what you were doing. I was
impressed by many things!
- your "holistic" approach = computer + OS + applications + training.
The people receiving the computers should really be able to use them to
do useful things as you are not throwing them in at the deep end.
- the commitment you and the other volunteer staff were putting in.
- the open source / free software approach.

Below pls find details of a guy in Qld who apparently is quite wealthy
and philanthropic, and attends a church with similar people. This might
be useful for your Queensland branch, or even your south pacific trip.


Bruce Rowse

FW: Ross Bridgman details

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From: Darren [mailto:darrenw@dcsi.net.au] 
Sent: Friday, 27 September 2002 3:43 PM
To: Bruce Rowse
Subject: Re: Ross Bridgman details

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for the web site contact.  I'm sure Darren will look into it.  I
these contact details are fruitful for you.

International Business Opportunities Pty Ltd

Office:Helensvale Professional Centre
First Floor, 3 Sir John Overall Drive
Helensvale, Qld 4212

Postal: P.O.Box 167
Helensvale, Qld 4212

Ph:07 55294007
Fax: 07 55294002


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