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Re: Unincorporated vs. Incorporated associations?

I doubt that you have to go through those two steps but
then I have never done it in Qld.

There will be nothing on UNincorporated associations on
the Government sites. Thats what UNincorporated means.
Just a gathering; mutual agreement etc etc  no
regulation at all.

To incorporate its really quite simple and any local
business person if not a solicitor then an accountant
would very easilly be able to tell you the details.
You do not really need a professional to do the


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Subject: Unincorporated vs. Incorporated associations?

> Dear All,
> I have been reading through some docs on incorporated
associations here in
> Queensland. From my reading of the docs it seems that
we (cbq) would need
> to form an unincorporated association first, then
incorporate that. Can
> anyone confirm this ? Otherwise I will ring
qld.gov.au tomorrow and get
> some details. Maybe the cbv people could give us a
short history of how
> they got where they are today.
> I have also been looking for docs on the qld.gov.au
site relating to
> unincorporated associations or clubs. I couldn't find
anything on this
> topic. Ralph did find plenty of stuff on
incorporating associations. Does
> anyone have any idea of where to look for this stuff
either on or off line ?
> Tony
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