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Re: S11 protest I will be there will you? 'dont happy'

Hello all

I would have to TOTALLY agree with David, the CBV General List, is not
to be use as a discussion list for the S11, there are other lists for
that, as I don't appreciate, having this kind of discussion on CBV
list, as its not CBV related.

Jason Rolston
Membership/Volunteer Co-ordinator
Computerbank Victoria Inc.

Original message from: "dtell" <dtell@ozemail.com.au>
>I for one am TOTALLY oposed to having this stuff in
>Computerbank mailing list
>It is TOTALLY inapproriate for this discussion to take
>place in the Computerbank mailing list.
>It is TOTALLY outside the brief of Computerbank's
>constitution to have this discussion in Computerbank's
>mailing list.
>David Totterdell
>Honorary Treasurer
>Conputerbank Victoria Inc.
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>Subject: Re: S11 protest I will be there will you?
>> On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
>> >At 08:38 10/09/00 +1100, Grant Diffey wrote:
>> >>after the
>> >>protests (I am not hardcore enough to camp out :) )
>> >
>> >It is hardly appropriate to post this here but I
>judge the latent
>> >opposition to Mr Grates and the support for
>linux-type thinking means there
>> >are enough on here for it to be OK? Particularly
>seeing IT'S ON! tomorrow?
>> I don't think its just about microsoft it's about
>> individuals and the loss of democracy
>> I think that it's totally apropriate as computerbank
>is an organisation
>> about empowering people with information technology
>and S11 is about
>> protesting the disempowering of individuals
>> The whole free software movement is based on the
>premis of empowering
>> people (users) and not restricting the rights of the
>> Grant
>> Digging his heels in for a extended debate.
>> >
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