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Re: S11 protest I will be there will you? 'dont happy'

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Jason Rolston wrote:

     Hello all
     I would have to TOTALLY agree with David, the CBV General List, is not
     to be use as a discussion list for the S11, there are other lists for
     that, as I don't appreciate, having this kind of discussion on CBV
     list, as its not CBV related.
     Jason Rolston
     Membership/Volunteer Co-ordinator
     Computerbank Victoria Inc.

okay my 2c worth (rounded to zero now of course)

I don't particularly mind people sending a message saying, hi i'm
interested in X (where X is some community activity/group or whatever)
and if you're interested in finding out more then email me. But that
is where it should end. Any further discussion or such should be
directed to the individual not the mailing list (though of course I am
sending this to the list therefore breaking my own rule :)  . I am
interested in s11 and other such groups which challenge the accepted
way of thinking but do not think others who are not should have to be
spammed by it.

How would the s11 people like it if some members started posting mail
about their upcoming Rotary meetings or other corporate networking
occassions or One Nation meetings?

As I say, people volunteer for this so I have no problem with them
using it to find others with similar interests but this should be a
single mail then off the list.

lets not get carried away by being TOTALLY opposed to things, I think
we can all show a little tolerance. but only a little


(one of those trying to setup Computerbank in Qld and keep it
non-political, even though I personally support the FSF and open
source in general)

ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/