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Re: S11 protest I will be there will you? 'dont happy'

I said totally because that was exactly what I meant.
Yes, I agree that the original mention in passing was
OK but then it became a discussion. As the member said
he was busy because of this other activity the another
menber cautioned not to have that on the list then the
other member wanted to expound that activity. That was
when I chimed in with the total bit.

The point is we are in the midst of trying to explain
to ATO and others that we are a charity.  Now if we
want to be something else such as a lobby group then we
can by all means constitute for that activity.  As it
is, that is NOT want we are wanted to be viewed as.  We
are even looking like a Linux support club; nothing
wrong with a Linux support club, but are we claiming to
be a "club for Linux folk" or a "charity aiming to get
functional stuff in hands of socioeconomic

As it is we are looking at changes to the documentation
to suit ATO and this has to spelt out more strongly and
at greater priority than the software approach.

I will not be making any more comment on the thread.

David Totterdell
Hon Treasurer
Computerbank Victoria Inc.

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'dont happy'

> lets not get carried away by being TOTALLY opposed to
things, I think
> we can all show a little tolerance. but only a little

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