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Re: Names

Yes, I agree we need heaps of input and no hasty


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Sent: Wednesday, 13 September 2000 16:50
Subject: Names

> David T wrote:
> > Maybe we should consider changing the name
> > to something quite different.
> > Would the WA mob let Computer Angels nationally?
> > something.
> & Bill Mac:
> >     Reading CU reply seems to indicate that first
we should change our name to
> >     Computerbank Australia Inc.
> >     I understand we have generally agreed that we
wish to operate at some time
> >     throughout Australia.
> & Andrew:
> >The queensland branch are tying to register
> >Queensland" as a name, perhaps the other states
could try the same and
> >we could try Computerbank Australia as well.
> I *like* Computerbank: it's ours in Vic, unless or
until we disband.
> That's nothing to the point, of course!
> We could change it from CBV to CBA; this would take a
special General
> Meeting and a resolution, and would take about a
month and a half to
> implement, along with fees &c to Corporate Affairs,
and however long
> they would take to implement the change formally.
> For that to work nationally, we might then need to
make all the State
> offices who wanted to use the Computerbank Australia
name become
> branches of the Vic Association, with all that
implies of taking on and
> being faithful to the CBV statement of purposes and
constitution &c.
> We need heaps of input before deciding whether this
is a good way to
> go; let's hear the views of all, eh?
> 8-)
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