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Re: Names

] David T wrote:
] > Maybe we should consider changing the name completely
] > to something quite different.
] > Would the WA mob let Computer Angels nationally?  Or
] > something.
] & Bill Mac:
] >     Reading CU reply seems to indicate that first  we should change our name to
] >     Computerbank Australia Inc.   
] >     I understand we have generally agreed that we wish to operate at some time
] >     throughout Australia.
] & Andrew:
] >The queensland branch are tying to register "Computerbank
] >Queensland" as a name, perhaps the other states could try the same and
] >we could try Computerbank Australia as well. 
] I *like* Computerbank: it's ours in Vic, unless or until we disband.
] That's nothing to the point, of course!
] We could change it from CBV to CBA; this would take a special General
] Meeting and a resolution, and would take about a month and a half to
] implement, along with fees &c to Corporate Affairs, and however long
] they would take to implement the change formally. 
] For that to work nationally, we might then need to make all the State
] offices who wanted to use the Computerbank Australia name become
] branches of the Vic Association, with all that implies of taking on and
] being faithful to the CBV statement of purposes and constitution &c. 
] We need heaps of input before deciding whether this is a good way to
] go; let's hear the views of all, eh?

The lawyer concluded:
You should therefore ascertain:
*       what sort of activities CPL is engaged in; and
*       the location of CPL's activities.

(CPL is Computerbank Pty Ltd, the company registered in Perth.)

I recommend doing this before you think about changing names.
It is possible that once someone contacts CPL, describes what
CBV does (and maybe why its a good thing and how its a proto-
charity), CPL may decide to choose another name for their business.

Or alternatively, they might decide to take CBV (us) to Court for
pretending to be them (CPL).  That is, if they think they got a
reputation as "Computerbank" before CBV did.  The lawyer did warn
about this risk, in a slightly roundabout way.

If you are concerned about protecting the Computerbank name, you
might also like to register a trademark of that name.  That would
put you in a much stronger position if CPL did decide to take legal
action at some point.  It also stops CPL (or anyone else) registering
Computerbank as a trade mark.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer.

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