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Calling All Volunteers - 'TO-DO' Day

Hi all,

Just a quick note to inform you that our 'To-Do' is this coming
Saturday 23rd September. We need as many people as possible, to help
out, non-computer people, most welcome, and hope to see everyone


Jason Rolston
Volunteer Co-ordinator

Computerbank Australia --

SmarterStaff --

Original message from: David Hatton <davidth@melbpc.org.au>

Hello Jason,

Could you, if you haven't done so already, send emails to all
volunteers on your lists asking for help on the to do day - next
Saturday. Our main emphasis will be on assessing what we have and
sorting out stuff we can't use, although if we finish this quicker
than expected we may get on to the usual hardware/software setup

So we can use anyone who is willing to give a couple of hours or so
next Saturday (23rd) Also, you might like to ask them if any of their
family and/or friends would like to give a hand - they certainly don't
have to be computer gurus to be very welcome.

If you have any bright ideas about how we might attract some people
and need some help, please let me know.


David H.

David Hatton


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