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[Computerbank] Re: ways to be in touch with Bill

[with our list not firing properly you didn't get this around midday Friday
when I first sent it, Bill's operation is on Tuesday]

To cheer Bill up a bit..

Visit, phone, fax, letters, cards, flowers, books...

The Austin Hospital (Heidelberg) 

Phone (03) 9496 5000 for patient advice or ask to speak to Bill (William)
Ward 8D 

Visiting hours: 11-8 daily

If visiting, see Melway 31 J4, and make sure you walk in from Burgundy St.

By car: park outside the grounds.
For public transport and other advice, see
              Posting cards and letters:

                  Bill McPherson
                  Ward 8D
                  Studley Road 
                  Heidelberg  3084

[Note: it is the AUSTIN hospital, the ARMC bit is its longer name]

You can send him faxes right to his ward on (03) 9496 3896 ~ drawings,
messages, copies of cards, cartoons, anything that will go ~ put Bill
McPherson on it to be sure our Bill gets it.
               Send flowers (etc) to:
                  Bill McPherson
                  Ward 8D
                  Austin Hospital
                  Burgundy St
                  Heidelberg, VIC

Here's a map of the Austin complex, but remember to enter from Burgundy St,
it's a rabbit warren:


     (Bill's operation will probably happen on Tuesday)

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