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[Computerbank] Re: to help Computerbank all over

Hello everyone,

It's good we now have a list on which *everyone* across Australia with an
active or even vague interest in Computerbank is all together. 

Not that I could help, but it seems like there are likely to be common
technical faults people in one place of Oz will have solved which others
might therefore no longer need to puzzle over? That is, we don't all need
to try to re-invent anything before we ask if someone else on here has
already found the answer -- that could save everyone a lot of time?

If so, we need the techos on here, too. I think Victoria has a separate
techos-only list? If so, could someone ask them to join us and be ready for
such queries from anyone elsewhere, please?

Bill tells me Melbourne has, through its long efforts, solved many
questions others could benefit from hearing. I'm totally unversed in all of
this under the hood stuff, apparently there's a few decisions been made
about standardisation of Computerbank usage of Linux which had better
become known Australia-wide? Something about Debian and/or Red Hat, for

This list is a place for traffic between *everyone*, bush and city across
Australia, where you can ask or help on any matter related to what we are
all on about -- including us hearing from any of our recipients who are
having any problems.. 

Of course, that means they have to be on the Internet, Bill tells me that
an ISP and internal modem package (approx. $100) can be offered in
Melbourne to people who are picking up their computers, is it possible

* How is the chat part of us going, who's a regular on it?

Bruce (Melb)

PS. The LETS people checked out the site but were put off by the emphasis
on Linux. Funny that, I thought they were natural simpaticos -- and, at the
same time, it seems many of their groups can't afford computers.  (?)

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