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[Computerbank] South Australia and the Computerbank family

Well Shaun, looks like your problems will be over soon, the constitution
will be up on the site within a week, tick off square one?

How many on your S.A. list and do you think it can logically be melded into
this "federal" one? Then everyone in S.A. can hear everything national and
everyone across our wide brown will have a chance to toss in their two
cents' worth on whatever you guys say. If they others are like me they know
sweet bugger all about what you guys over there have been up to so far, yet
they might know family and friends in Adelaide or Port Augusta interested
to join up..

Talked to any Computerbankers in chat zone, yet? If it hasn't started yet,
do you want to nominate a weekly time slot you'll be there when others can
join you?

Have you S.A. guys got Computerbank premises?

Regards, Bruce

At 09:12 22/09/01 +0930, Shaun Branden (S.A.) wrote:

[ >> How busy is your state list, Shaun? 
  >> How might other people outside SA help you guys?]                     

>The list is very quiet, just used for notices mainly. When we have an
>identity and some direction, I will stir it up again. There is no point
>in getting further interest in CB in South Australia if the volunteers
>are going to be lost. I have been telling our volunteers that the vic/
>national stuff will be sorted out soon for what must be over a year now. 
>People outside of SA can help us by putting pressure on vic to get
>organised, send us a copy or recipe of the current computerbank release
>(I have asked 3 times), spend time in the irc channel- so that we can
>communicate. That would be a great start.
>Shaun Branden
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