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Re: [Computerbank] what states have their own mailing lists?

No one 'official' has said the states' lists should be amalgamated into the
one national one but (whatever) I'm in favour of us all hearing the
nitty-gritties of what everyone is doing Australia-wide, at least more than
has been usual up to now. The more we know the better idea we will have of
how big we are overall, and how active. Tony posted this to me..

Hi Bruce,

Most of my postings go the local Queensland list. Sometimes I post news or
updates to the Australian list.

The technical question was only posted as part of the newsletter posting.
Otherwise I would have maybe sent a specific request to the technical list.
No one from the Queensland list answered the technical question so I guess
the National list was of great use.

Tony Joblin,
President, Computerbank Queensland
Tel: 07 3371 1311 (working hours), Email: cbq-exec@dstc.edu.au
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> At 13:43 16/09/01 +1000, Tony Joblin wrote:
> >Queensland has mailing lists. One for the management team
> >cbq-exec@dstc.edu.au and one for everyone, cbq@dstc.edu.au.
> Thanks Tony,
> How do you see the split up of your postings between QLD and national?
> before the hiatus on here, you posted a technical question to both your
> state list and here and both Grant (VIC) and Don (NSW) had answers -- were
> they helpful, did it save you time?
> Did posting what seemed a 'local' question to here get you a quicker
> from this national list?
> Got another problem to bowl up?
> Bruce

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