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[Computerbank] one or many lists?

What does everyone think?

I'm a believer in the power of a national list to do many things, in
general most things happening anywhere in Australia will have resonance for
several others nationally. But I also recognise many people have busy lives
and they want to see only what is important them.

The problem with an *everything* list for everyone in Australia is: how do
you get what you want but not get the rest? The best answer to that seems
to be to get a digest, to quickly scan once a day, but how do you do that
on here?


>No one 'official' has said the states' lists should be amalgamated into the
>one national one but (whatever) I'm in favour of us all hearing the
>nitty-gritties of what everyone is doing Australia-wide, at least more than
>has been usual up to now. The more we know the better idea we will have of
>how big we are overall, and how active. Tony posted this to me..

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