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[Computerbank] Re: CompterBank meeting (Gold Coast Meeting)

Dear Everyone,

The previous email from William was in reference to starting a Gold Coast
branch of Computerbank. If there is anyone on the cbq@dstc.edu.au or
computerbank@lists.linux.org.au lists who is in the area you are welcome to
attend. Please rsvp to William as per the details in the original email.

Tony Joblin,
President, Computerbank Queensland
Tel: 07 3371 1311 (working hours), Email: cbq-exec@dstc.edu.au

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Subject: CompterBank meeting

> Dear all,
> The next ComputerBank meeting will be held at The Miami Center for Life
> Learning, 59 Paradise ave, Miami, Gold Coast on Friday 5 October at 3pm.
> would be very benifitial if Antonio or another member of the LUG can
> Please indicate availability for the next meeting ASAP so alternative
> arrangments can be made if required.
> Regards Bill O'Brien
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