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Re: [Computerbank] finding a "local" Linux expert inregionalareas

Hi Bruce,

In some senses I think that you are starting to get it the right way around with the idea of building the node around the skills.

Ask yourself why software support once long ago was "free" and now everyone charges for it. Its not that techies like driving around in expensive cars (although a lot do :->) Its quite simple - demand exceeds supply. 

IT support often takes a lot longer than people imagine it should and its always open-ended. What might start out as a 5 minute job might end up being a 2 hour or longer job. Remember the techies are people too and have lives (well some do).

The nature of the beast also dictates that techies have to spend a lot of time working (there is always more work) or helping someone else or actually doing what they enjoy (actually working on their own systems - heaven forbid).

One way of approaching it is to rationalize the system. Setup the machines  and software such that if it can't be fixed easily over the phone, then start again, i.e. reload the whole system. Its not the best way, but it may mean actually making some progress, i.e. eliminating as much as possible the need for the techie in the first place. (or to put it anotther way, leveraging what techie help you have and then distributing it - put the smarts into the software load/configuration.)


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>>> Bruce McCubbery <brucemcc@melbpc.org.au> 09/24/01 06:37pm >>>
Hello everyone,

As I've mentioned, I have some people across Australia in regional areas
who could start up a Computerbank node (or is it a branch?) but they don't
have the requisite Linux 'expert' on tap. Don's site for ISPs is a help but
surely there must be Linux people in the bush who aren't in business
(likely to be too busy) doing it?

Can you guys on Linux users groups lists give us some insight please, how
many among the people on them are outside the metropolitan areas?

I'm beginning to think I've been going about it all the wrong way, perhaps
the better answer is to first find a person with the Linux skills "out
there" (wherever) willing to help and then try to build a node near them,
getting other local volunteers to build the team needed.


At 01:41 21/09/01 +1000, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
>Is there an easy way to find a "local" Linux expert in any regional area of

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