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[Computerbank] everything the same for everyone??

Thanks for reminding me of these things Craig, it's part of why I think
everyone -- even techos -- should be on here. I thought that most of the
standardisations and (to a degree) simplifications of the "Computerbanking"
of Linux was done, is it? 

Of course, I don't know a thing about it really, what is the situation? Can
everything developed in Melbourne or Perth be used without adaptation
anywhere else in Australia??

Bruce (Melb)

At 18:24 26/09/01 +1000, Craig Silva wrote:
>The nature of the beast also dictates that techies have to spend a lot of
time working (there is always more work) or helping someone else or
actually doing what they enjoy (actually working on their own systems -
heaven forbid).
>One way of approaching it is to rationalize the system. Setup the machines
 and software such that if it can't be fixed easily over the phone, then
start again, i.e. reload the whole system. It's not the best way, but it
may mean actually making some progress, i.e. eliminating as much as
possible the need for the techie in the first place. (or to put it another
way, leveraging what techie help you have and then distributing it - put
the smarts into the software load/configuration.)

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