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Re: [Computerbank] finding a "local" Linux expert in regional areas

Great news Mark,

From what Don said about ISPs http://www.alpinelink.com.au/ might be able
to help you? You and Gold Coast Bill and Rob of Snug seem to be around
about the same stage of development.

All similar in probably several ways?

Where would your physical centre be?


Bruce McCubbery
Can Internet Australians influence Australia?

At 19:31 26/09/01 +1000, marktri wrote:
>I am both Melbourne, and North East Victoria. There is a building
>interest from Wangaratta through to Mount Beauty. I have friends in
>Wang, Myrtleford and around Bright, but we are all relative beginners.
>Getting beginners together is a start, as we can all find different
>things and share them and learn faster than on our own. My major problem
>is spending too much time helping M$ Windows users, and not enough using
>Linux myself. I also have a full time job in Melbourne and looking after
>my father and a country property near Bright. While I do rent a unit in
>Melbourne, the travel times eat into the weekends.
>I would suggest that there be an endeavour to find the scattered Linux
>users, and help put locals in touch with one another. From this, groups
>can form that can support Computerbank.
>I also see a need for real beginners books, not the "Dummies" or the
>"Pocketbooks". They are a start, but I see a need for something that
>introduces the underlying philosopies and structures. With a sound
>understanding of the foundations, a lot of the rest is much easier, it
>fits a pattern.
>Comparing to driving a car, while it is far from necessary to be able to
>rebuild the engine, it does help to understand how it works. Having made
>one, possibly unsuccessful, attempt at a major mechanical service task,
>there is a much better appreciation and respect for the mechanicals.
>Similarly, having had a go at panel beating tends to reduce the
>Regards,	Mark Trickett

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