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[Computerbank] Re: computerbank digest, Vol 1 #51 - 11 msgs

Title: Re: computerbank digest, Vol 1 #51 - 11 msgs

 Bruce wrote Wed, 26 Sep 2001 09:54:52 +1000
There's a history behind me getting him interested some time back, initial Computerbank (VIC) enthusiasm to help and then perceived difficulties that stopped it proceeding, but it looks like it will finally be able to go ahead now?
How far off the money am I in what I said?

Bruce also wrote (to me personally) Wed, 26 Sep 2001 09:37:30 +1000

... Many people now have experience in doing what you will be intending to do.

At the same time as you ask questions everyone will be learning the exigencies arising in starting from the beginning. For some, it'll be a trip down memory lane.

The saga went/goes something like:

We formed a community group of about a half dozen willing souls and enthusiastic with the aim of bringing community people together to devise and implement a program that would address a raft of community issies - youth unemployment, low community esteem, development conflicts, vandalism, on and on the list went.

We have a primary school, post office, caravan park, local supermarket, garage, pub, postoffice and a variety of microbusinesses surviving on local work.

With a population of about 3000, radius 5 km most of the employed being commuters to urban Hobart 25 km away.

At one stage a few of us mooted making an application to the stae government's Community Access Centre program. This came unstuck and the project went on hold. That program is now over .. fully subscribed.

It was at that stage I came acfoss Computerbank through the Asutraliawide group and made a few enquiries. It seems that the Computer bank group jumped the gun assuming that wverything was in place to make use of the computers apparently set aside in Melbourne.

And then the Computerbank group appeared to be going through a constitutional reaarrangement .. I urged those interested to hold their breath while this was sorted .. assuming that we would need to have a branch of CB to participate. Wrong, apparently.

Then we went looking for a local Linux capable person who had the interst and time to support the project .. and that's where we are at the moment.

I am keen to see the project go ahead but have neither the time no skill-set to fill that role .. the others are in a similar position.

The project is in limbo until we find that resource. When we do get someone who can ensure that the project is sustainable, I'm confident that we can kickstart the idea back into action.

That's the history.

Now for the solutions. I'm sure that there is someone, somewhere, right under our noses who could fulfil the tech support role .. he or she is staying very anonymous for the time being.

I suspect also that those who are supporting the establishment of a successful town group are waiting for some signs of successful group activity .. there are runs on the board -

Much of the community energy is already spoken for, and the activists are complaining of pre-withdrawal syndrome. It's a classic case of finding new people to drive this project and, at the same time, keep the current activities up to speed.

I haven't given up on the original quest.