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Re: [Computerbank] Re: computerbank digest, Vol 1 #51 - 11 msgs

Rob Crosthwaite wrote:


> Then we went looking for a local Linux capable person who had the
> interst and time to support the project .. and that's where we are at
> the moment.
> I am keen to see the project go ahead but have neither the time no
> skill-set to fill that role .. the others are in a similar position.
> The project is in limbo until we find that resource. When we do get
> someone who can ensure that the project is sustainable, I'm confident
> that we can kickstart the idea back into action.

Try the LUG/usergroups list at http://www.linux.org.au/. Ask your local
lugs (on their list) if there is anyone local. You might just find a
daily/weekend commuter who will help you out, or a sympathetic person
who will provide email support. They might also welcome your joining
their list.

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