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[Computerbank] helping find the help

Hi guys!

This concept seems to have legs?

How would email help on linux problems work, it would seem ideal but
doesn't it depend on the inquirer having a certain degree of competence?

If you guys solve the steps we are discussing in this thread Computerbank
could grow like Topsy!

The bush volunteer people are legendary and I think it's a certain bet all
the big companies and organisations "out there" are primed to donate
computers that will help "their" (rural) people get online.


At 09:09 28/09/01 +1000, Terry wrote to Rob:
>Try the LUG/usergroups list at http://www.linux.org.au/. Ask your local
>lugs (on their list) if there is anyone local. You might just find a
>daily/weekend commuter who will help you out, or a sympathetic person
>who will provide email support. They might also welcome your joining
>their list.

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