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[Computerbank] Re: [Cai-sa] SA Build, now available on cd

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 10:15:17AM +0930, Romana Challans wrote:
> Hi all,
> SA finally has (thanks to the incredible efforts of Grant in Vic, and Andrew 
> and Dylan in SA, and me a bit), a bootable cd version of the SA Computerbank 
> install.
> We will all pause while romana goes 'w00t'.
> w00t.
> Thank you, normal transmission will now resume:)
> This version is the latest install, built three days ago, and featuring 
> kde3.03.
>  It is chocolate flavoured, and is guaranteed to help you lose weight, make 
> friends, and create lasting world peace. 
> Or not - hey, its just an install, for goodness sake!
> We have also been playing with Knoppix. Sweet:)

congratulations to all involved

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