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[Computerbank] [Fwd: [Osia-discuss] Interesting usability report on state of theart Linux desktop]

Hi all, (sorry for the duplicates)

More reports (inc GNOME usability) can be found here: http://www.userinstinct.com/reviews.php

The reports are quite interesting and reflect some of our own observations re introducing users to a 'modern' desktop Linux system.



Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc

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Read through some of the user comments. Most enlightening. Gives an idea 
of how far things need to go.

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Task #0 - Log In

Can't see password
Kept clicking on field
Read KPersonalizer introduction
Step 3 of KPersonalizer "Cute, very cute."
Turned all effects on
Step 4 "This is interesting" referring to image at the top
Didn't understand the preview
Looked through the themes
Picked 'Sunshine'
"Looks neat but more gray than I like"
"Ewww pink"
"It said 'sunshine', where's the yellow?"
"What are tar archives?" referring to the text of one of the KTips
Read through more KTips


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