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Re: [crimson-list] Improve AI behavior

On Mo, 2014-04-07 at 19:43 +0200, SÃbastien Dailly wrote:
> Jens : do you think that it would be easy to add some tests in the
> compilation process ? I think that that the AI is the more important
> piece in the code, and I could try to write some test in order to
> check regression in future evolution, but I'll need help to write the
> frame.

It shouldn't be too hard to add some kind of test harness, but since I
don't have a lot of time to spend on the project at the moment, I won't
be a big help there.

In the past, we've toyed with the idea of making the AI pluggable, at
least for testing purposes, and having several AIs face off against each
other to see which fared better. I think we did have a working prototype
at one point, but I no longer remember the details (damn, getting old I

I'll try to give your changes a spin soon (I'm curious to see what
happens when the unit in the centre is artillery instead of a tank...)
but once again, no promises...

And a tangential note: please generate patches in unified format.
They're much easier to read at a glance (to me anyway).