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Re: crimson fields graphics

You're most welcome to work on the graphics. We're very much in need of
some graphics people who actually know what they are doing ;-)

Well, I'll try to produce something, I've said I'll try :)
Is there a way to use a custom tiles.bmp in comet ? without needing to compile anything ?

If you already have the mktileset binary, yes: Usage: ./mktileset <datafile> <outfile> [<gfxdir>] where datafile is something like default.tsrc in CVS.

Humph, it's not working, I've got mktileset in the tools directory, then I run this :

mrpingouin@eva:~/crimson-0.4.9/tools$ ./mktileset default.tsrc ../gfx/default.tiles ../gfx/

(I want the output files to be there because I'm compiling on my linux box and get the resulting file on my windows box)

but when I run crimson, the tileset seems broken.
I'm using photoshop, i tried to save CFTiles.bmp as an indexed 8-bit bmp file (when mktileset work, the bmp is in "windows" format, no RLE compression, no reverse row, if I change one of those option mktileset says it couldn't load the image).
So... where am I wrong ? :|