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Battle Isle maps

Hi to all,

Most of you don't know me, but I was emailing a while ago with Jens Granseuer 
about (then) new Deep trench map. Now when it is finished I find it one of 
the most enjoyable maps overall. I played it as both sides and it was fun, 
interesting and hard just enough.

I'd like to tell you to about a stash of maps for Battle Isle I found on 
Aminet, at 
I have tested them, and almost all can convert to CF format 
perfectly (for some, I am not sure whether there is an error in original map 
or in the converter; for example, it can appear that there are depots clearly 
intended for a player that doesn't have any infantry). Some are quite 
interesting which you will see when you attempt to play them.

If some of them is interesting for inclusion in reglar CF distribution, I 
think that for someone who lives in Germany  it would be possible to contact 
people who made them, so that they would release them under a  free licence. 
Even if not, however, a script could be made which would convert them to 
Crimson Fields format, so that CF players could enjoy them, and this could be 
released as an add-on CF maps. Also, as they are made by a commercially 
available map editor, there are likely more such maps floating around, which 
may be interesting.

What do you think about this?