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Re: Battle Isle maps

On 08.12.2005 14:13, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> I'd like to tell you to about a stash of maps for Battle Isle I found on 
> Aminet, at 
> http://wuarchive.wustl.edu/pub/aminet/info/www/dirs/aminet/game/misc/BILevel.lha
> I have tested them, and almost all can convert to CF format 
> perfectly (for some, I am not sure whether there is an error in original map 
> or in the converter; for example, it can appear that there are depots clearly 
> intended for a player that doesn't have any infantry). Some are quite 
> interesting which you will see when you attempt to play them.
> If some of them is interesting for inclusion in reglar CF distribution, I 
> think that for someone who lives in Germany  it would be possible to contact 
> people who made them, so that they would release them under a  free licence. 
> Even if not, however, a script could be made which would convert them to 
> Crimson Fields format, so that CF players could enjoy them, and this could be 
> released as an add-on CF maps. Also, as they are made by a commercially 
> available map editor, there are likely more such maps floating around, which 
> may be interesting.
> What do you think about this?

I know about that map pack. In fact, I've had it sitting on my hard drive for
a few years. The reason I haven't looked at them closely (not enough time aside)
is that you often can't use BI maps with CF as is. And unfortunately we don't
exactly have a queue of mappers waiting for work to come along. If, however,
someone volunteered to convert the maps and adapt them properly (and ideally,
at least for distribution with the game itself, wrote a few sentences for
the story), I'd happily try to get permission from the original authors.

Alternatively, if you just want to create a small script to do the conversion,
there's a lot of space on the wiki waiting to be filled...

I haven't been able to locate any other fan-made BI1 maps, though.


P.S. I probably won't be able to answer any mails for about 5 weeks,
starting this Saturday, since I'm heading for Australia over the holidays.
I might drop in once or twice if an internet cafe crosses my path,
but no promises.