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Re: Nikola's map

On Thursday 14 December 2006 6:30 am, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> > OK, I'll adapt the briefings then. Could you give me names for the lakes?
> Uh, want to shove the hardest part of map creation onto the
> shoulders of others, huh?
> Well, anyway, suggestions:
> Glass Lake
> Lake Sone
> Lake Yukarwa
> Lake Quasari
> I'm sure somebody else can come up with better ones.

Also note that lakes frequently name areas around them, and vice versa, a lake 
might take on the name of the mountains/plains around it.

> We already discussed this once a long time back, but does
> anyone feel like drafting a layout for the geography of
> Nexus (or the Yalwa province since that's what would be
> most helpful for the current campaign)?

We had an ascii layout at one point.  :)  I seem to recall the province is 
basically a large hexagon that's roughly laid out like Iowa, only with 
mountains on the west.  :)

> Nikola, when changing the briefing I think it's important
> to put this mission into the campaign context. After
> "Clipped Wings", the next mission (4) will feature the main
> body of the FNA moving north across (most of) the Sarot
> Plains, where they will be harrassed by lots of EoK troops
> (especially aircraft) without having freindly bases to
> retreat to. After that (in mission 6) whatever is left of
> them will attack Lula, the second bigger city already
> mentioned in the plot outline [1].
> In the meantime, the smaller arm will also advance northwards,
> but west of the plains, behind a smaller mountain range.
> They will try to keep the Empire from throwing too many
> forces at those marching out in the open. This is what your
> map (number 5), should be about. Now, trying to keep the
> Empire from constructing a channel sounds like it would
> generate nice long-term benefits, but the FNA should rather
> be looking for short-term advantages here (like attacking
> comm stations or taking down airfields like they did in
> "Clipped Wings" or raiding supply lines or something).
> Maybe somebody has other good ideas?

Well, I didn't read the briefing, I must admit.  It sounds kind of like the 
channel is intended to let the Empire ferry troops into the province?  If 
that's the case, cutting off imperial supply lines is one of the missions of 
this force.  :)  But yeah, they're expecting to take the province, so 
long-term construction projects aren't mission objectives, and might be 
considered targets *not* to hit (because the FNA might well want to finish 
the long-term construction projects because then it will benefit them).  And 
if there's no other strategic gain for the campaign, there's no reason to 
bother with it, may as well let the Empire keep working on it so the FNA will 
have that much less work to do to finish it after it's theirs.


> Jens
> [1] http://crimson.seul.org/wiki/index.php/The%20Province%20of%20Yalwa