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Seeds of Resistance updated


Ok, Jens and I beat on this in IM and hardened up the plot outline for the 
Seeds of Resistance campaign.  Here's a wiki link to it:

**** Spoiler alert: This wiki page is full of spoilers.  If you want to learn 
the story by playing the campaign, you shouldn't read this page.  If you want 
to develop maps for the campaign, you need this page.  If you want to work on 
the map of the province, you can use the map at the top of the page without 
scrolling down or reading any of the plot details without spoiling.  ****


I think the map's off a bit, but didn't correct it.  Y'all should notice it's 
updated quite a bit compared to the last one in the list archives.  Jens 
makes prettier ascii maps than I do.  :)

Corrections:  to better support the story without significantly changing the 
scenarios themselves (for maps that aren't even made yet, even), I think the 
Kand HQ, Enolian fields, and the dot marked 3.1 all need to move west.  
Sarakhad and Lula need to move east and south, and Lake Yukarwa north.  It 
doesn't have to go too much further than where it's at, though.

I updated the plot to reflect what we talked about, and added a few things in 
scenario descriptions when they didn't look fat enough.  I.e. they didn't 
seem to account for Kand's viewpoint enough, so now the General is leading a 
force trying to retake the channel taken at Yukarwa (Nikola's map), Renus is 
a big supply dump, and Lula and Sarakhad both have larger garrisons than they 
originally had.  ANd we introduced a new character who will hopefully survive 
this campaign just so we can poke fun at him later.  :)  (The idiot in charge 
of the Lula/Sarakhad garrisons)