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(FWD) Command structure?

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From: Dave Fancella <david.fancella@comcast.net>
To: crimson-users@seul.org
Subject: Command structure?
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 05:53:56 +0000


I'm wondering if there's any interest in having a command structure setup in 
Crimson Fields, where I could assign a group of units to a command, give them 
an objective, and then let an AI manage the actual fighting for me.  One of 
the thing that frustrates me about tactical games like this is the amount of 
management I have to spend on every single piece, and the whole purpose of 
command structure in real military is so the commander (that would be me, in 
the game) doesn't have to micro-manage every little fight.

If there's interest, then I'm interested in hacking on it when I can find time 
to add the feature.  :)


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