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Re: Command structure?

Hi Dave.

> I'm wondering if there's any interest in having a command structure setup in 
> Crimson Fields, where I could assign a group of units to a command, give them 
> an objective, and then let an AI manage the actual fighting for me.  One of 
> the thing that frustrates me about tactical games like this is the amount of 
> management I have to spend on every single piece, and the whole purpose of 
> command structure in real military is so the commander (that would be me, in 
> the game) doesn't have to micro-manage every little fight.

Personally, I'd put it the other way around: The micro-management is what
makes it fun (as long as it doesn't get too micro). But that doesn't
necessarily mean it wouldn't be interesting to have such a feature. I'm
not convinced that it would work well (in fact, I'm rather sceptical),
but I've been proven wrong before, so...

Just a few random notes that come to mind:

The management in CF is actually not that "micro" in so far as it
already represents some level of abstraction. You don't have to bother
with ammo and fuel, you don't move each infantrist individually
(as a piece in CF is more akin to a division or something) etc.
If you take all of this away, what's left of the game? A sample
mission with a command structure may look like this (I'll
deliberately exaggerate a bit):
Mission scenario is: Conquer the enemy HQ and prevent them from
getting yours. You assign 10 of your 15 divisions to taking the
enemy HQ and the rest to defending your own. Then you take the dog
for a walk and mow the lawn. When you come back you see that your
strategy was successful. Yay! On to the next map!

I hope it's clear what I'm trying to say. Basically the
question probably is: What would your objectives look like?
Wouldn't taking the micro-management away mean there'd be not
much left worth playing?

Currently I wouldn't want to hand the fighting over to the AI
simply because it's too stupid to be a real match for a human
player. If anything like command structures should ever be
useful, that means that
a) you must only use it on 2 player maps so that 2 AIs of equal
strength can battle it out
b) the AI needs to be improved significantly. This of course
would be a very welcome feature even if command structures
never take off...

> If there's interest, then I'm interested in hacking on it when I can find time 
> to add the feature.  :)

My doubts shouldn't stop you from trying if you think you can
get it right. The concept in itself is certainly interesting
and I'd be curious to see any results of your work.