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Re: 0.4.0 Testing

> Which modes appear in the list? Did you try both with and
> without fullscreen?  Does the problem only occur
> for 800x600 and 1024x768 or for other modes as well? If so,
> which ones? Can't you switch from bigger to smaller? The
> other way around? Both? What happens if you start with the
> --width and --height command line parameters? Which modes
> are in the list then?

Ah... strange enough; today I have tried it again and there is
800X600 mode "now" , it didn`t exist yesterday?

> Only when switching from the start menu? No problems when
> changing resolution in-game?
> Did changing resolutions work for you in 0.3.8? The code's
> the same... Strange.

As far as I know, I have not tried that feature in 0.3.8.

> Please also try pre2. There are no changes in that area, but
> maybe our patching orgy upset something.

Will do.

Brain @ TW

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