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Re: 0.4.0 Testing

On 03.02.2004 05:23, Chang wrote:

I can't seem to reproduce neither problem on my system.

> I have tried it out and now I got a little problem:
> the vidio option: when the game start at first it seems like
> to be in a size of 800X600, when I switch it to 1024X768,
> I can not switch it back.

Which modes appear in the list? Did you try both with and
without fullscreen?  Does the problem only occur
for 800x600 and 1024x768 or for other modes as well? If so,
which ones? Can't you switch from bigger to smaller? The
other way around? Both? What happens if you start with the
--width and --height command line parameters? Which modes
are in the list then?

> the vidio option , too: when I switch the vidio option
> at the begining menu, the background seems to be disappeared,
> replaced by only white background, and a little strange effects.

Only when switching from the start menu? No problems when
changing resolution in-game?

Did changing resolutions work for you in 0.3.8? The code's
the same... Strange.

Please also try pre2. There are no changes in that area, but
maybe our patching orgy upset something.