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Re: 0.4.0 Testing

> 在 三, 2004-02-04 02:05, Jens Granseuer 寫道:
> > On 03.02.2004 18:59, Chang wrote:
> > > > > But when I tried to launch crimson, which is installed in 
> > > > > prefix=/home/myuser/crimson-0.4.0, it said that 
> > > > > "Could not load Language resources for language 'en' "
> After I have installed it in the default prefix,
> and have run crimson from that, the problem I said that I can not
> launch crimson in prefix=/home/myuser/crimson-0.4.0 is gone.
> Preference settings? 
> Maybe having crimson to set the preferences, languages inclueded,
> would need crimson to copy certain files in /usr/share or somewhere
> alike where would not be touched if option
> prefix=/home/myuser/crimson-0.4.0 is used?

I don't have enough info to be sure, but I suspect the problem is
something along these lines:

You extracted the tarball, ran configure (with the default or some other
prefix), make. This built the executables with a data path of

If you now run configure with --prefix=/home/myuser/crimson-0.4.0
and make (without make clean) the binaries are _not_ rebuilt.
So the data path still is /usr/local/... If you now run make install
the game gets installed in /home/... but is looking for the data in
/usr/local/... which fails.

If after that you make another configure with the default prefix and
make install it is installed in /usr/local/... and you can suddenly run
the game from both locations as both search their data in /usr/local/...


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