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On 10.02.2004 03:24, Dave Fancella wrote:
> > > CoMET is segfaulting.  :(  Here's the error message:
> Hmm, I forgot to get back with that.  Sorry.  :(  I went out and enjoyed a 
> cigarette and thunk about it some, and figured that it probably wasn't 
> finding a file and instead of exiting with a useful error message it was just 
> crashing (alpha software and all, right?).

Should never just crash, even in alpha... I'll fix that.

> So I came back in, remembering a 
> previous post I saw here to another guy having trouble with the main CF game, 
> did make install, and it ran fine, mostly.
> I'm getting random crashes in both CoMET and CF right now.  I'll try to get a 
> core dump or something in the near future, since you're absolutely right 
> about the sdl error message being worthless.

I've been playing around in both crimson and comet, but
nothing's turned up so far. Any leads, yet? How often do you get them?