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Re: Heavy Metal

On Monday 16 February 2004 06:10 pm, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> Anyway, so far I only battled myself, and strangely enough I
> somehow sensed most of my cunning little tricks. So now I'm
> looking for someone else to pick up the glove. But even people
> who fear to confront me are welcome to comment. ;-)
> Bring it on!

I'll take you, but I've still gotta get a cvs snapshot and compile it, and I 
can't promise a quick turnaround on turns (I'm very busy right now).  But 
I've been wanting a human opponent for a little while...


> Oh, it's a two-player map and you need 0.4.0, obviously.
> The CVS version is recommended since it contains a number of
> fixes and improvements over the last pre.
> And I know the story still needs a bit of polishing.
> Jens

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