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Re: cvs build

On 21.02.2004 12:33, Torinthiel wrote:
> Disregard this. I think you have VEEERY old auto*. My automake creates
> the dir as needed.
> [...]
> I remember automake 1.6.3 worked as well.

I looked at those CVS automake problems just this morning.
It really looks like your automake version is way too old
if it already gives up at this point. With 1.6 you would have
at least been able to start compiling ;-). You need at least
automake 1.7.0 for CF. I'll add a check to autogen.sh.
Also, autogen.sh right now only uses plain 'automake'. In
distributions which install several versions in parallel this
usually seems to be automake 1.4. I'll see if I can add
another check for automake-1.7 and automake-1.8.

In other words, if the newer version Mandrake provides
is >= 1.7.0 you could temporarily replace the 'automake'
binary with a link to 'automake-1.[78]' and you should be