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Re: cvs build

On 21.02.2004 19:57, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> I looked at those CVS automake problems just this morning.
> It really looks like your automake version is way too old
> if it already gives up at this point. With 1.6 you would have
> at least been able to start compiling ;-). You need at least
> automake 1.7.0 for CF. I'll add a check to autogen.sh.
> Also, autogen.sh right now only uses plain 'automake'. In
> distributions which install several versions in parallel this
> usually seems to be automake 1.4. I'll see if I can add
> another check for automake-1.7 and automake-1.8.

I just committed another batch of changes for 0.4.0 to CVS
including those to autogen.sh. It should now work for you
provided you have automake >1.7 installed. And if not, it
should abort telling you so. Can you please verify that the
script works for you?