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Soundtrack rough draft

If this is the third copy of this email to hit this list, then I sincerely 
apologize.  Having mail difficulty, but it should be cleared up now.


I apologize in advance for the poor mastering on this thing, but here it is.  
Rough draft on the default music to play during a scenario.  I have a few 
questions.  :)

First, the link:

Yeah, you'll need an ogg player.  Who doesn't have one by now?  ;)

The questions:

How long should it be?  I finally got to a point where I thought "Ok, now it's 
time to master and post to the list".  Then I discovered the thing is seven 
minutes long!  Ouch.  Once upon a time I'd spend 3 hours writing a song only 
to find it was a minute and a half long.

I assume it has to loop.  Does the soundtrack player allow mixing tracks?  I 
assume no.  :)  Does it allow for multiple movements in different files?  If 
so, does it randomly pick the movements or use some crazy algorithm to do so?  
(Some would say that random is a crazy algorithm)

So, I apologize for the length and the poor mastering, but it is a rough 
draft, after all.  :)  I'll withhold my own editorial, except to say that I 
don't like it as is and I'm going to tear it down and start over.  Before I 
do that, I want to know how close I am to the mark.  Should I throw this away 
completely and start with new ideas, or am I pretty close already and I 
should re-use a lot of these ideas?


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