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Re: Soundtrack rough draft

Dave Fancella wrote:
How long should it be? I finally got to a point where I thought "Ok, now it's time to master and post to the list". Then I discovered the thing is seven minutes long! Ouch. Once upon a time I'd spend 3 hours writing a song only to find it was a minute and a half long.
For what it's worth, Warlords 2 Deluxe came with about 30 tracks, which played randomly. Some moody and daunting, others brassy calls to war. Probably 20-25 minutes total. But that is a tall order.

I'm no musician, so I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know, but of course the most fun thing for a listener is a theme, unexpected, in a different style of song, but recognizable from other places. I can't think of any good examples, but Disney soundtracks certainly do this.

Anyway, I'll have to look into downloading an Ogg player, so I can listen to the music...