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Re: Anthill...

On 28.02.2004 15:34, Patrick Forhan wrote:
> What exactly are the win conditions for this (and other similar maps)? 
> I'm guessing total destruction of the other side for the defensive team.

... "FNA forces are present, but seriously outnumbered. You must either
completely destroy the opposition or conquer the depot."

>   The reason I ask is that I was able to eliminate all infantry (thus 
> making my base secure), yet I still had to mop up the rest of the 
> offense... and I barely had enough troops to do that.
> In the end, I got it.  But did the Offensive side even have a chance of 
> winning at that point?

Yes, they could just have destroyed your remaining units. Of course,
without enemy infantry, you could create a deadlock rather easily, but
that would have to be seen as a moral defeat, I guess ;-)