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RE: Re: Updates


try to assign the game menu to one of the hx4700 hotkeys.

In the wm2003 emulator it is possible to assign the record hotkey to the game menu.

Your suggestions:
1. I don't know how to do this with SDL
2. It is impossible to open the virtual keyboard in SDL fullscreen mode
3. Creating a control like a permanently visible menu bar would be a nice solution but on non VGA devices a menu bar wastes too much space.


>Hi Sivio,
>I've tried using Crimson Fields on my Ipaq hx4700
>and I can't access any of the menus because my PPC doesn't have a keyboard.
>Is it possible to do any of the following three things?
>1. Touch the stylus to the screen for more than a second to access the
>ingame menu.
>2. Map shortcut keys to the virtual keyboard and allow it to be
>accessed from in game.
>3. Provide a menu button on the ingame display.
>Are any of the above possible or would I need to purchase a portable
>keyboard for my Ipaq?
>On 31/01/07, silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx <silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I have updated my Windows, Pocket PC and SmartPhone ports from 0.5.0 up to 
>the current version 0.5.1
>> http://www.iaccarino.de/silvio/ppcstuff.htm
>> http://www.iaccarino.de/silvio/winstuff.htm
>> Have fun!
>> Silvio