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Re: Re: Updates

Hi Silvio,

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I'm using wm2003 SE Japanese version (I doubt that important though).
I tried assigning the hot keys before hand but couldn't. I was however
able to assign the ingame menu to the "select" button (center of the
touchpad) so problem solved.

Thanks for help :).


On 01/02/07, silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx <silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

try to assign the game menu to one of the hx4700 hotkeys.

In the wm2003 emulator it is possible to assign the record hotkey to the game menu.

Your suggestions:
1. I don't know how to do this with SDL
2. It is impossible to open the virtual keyboard in SDL fullscreen mode
3. Creating a control like a permanently visible menu bar would be a nice solution but on non VGA devices a menu bar wastes too much space.


>Hi Sivio,
>I've tried using Crimson Fields on my Ipaq hx4700
>and I can't access any of the menus because my PPC doesn't have a keyboard.
>Is it possible to do any of the following three things?
>1. Touch the stylus to the screen for more than a second to access the
>ingame menu.
>2. Map shortcut keys to the virtual keyboard and allow it to be
>accessed from in game.
>3. Provide a menu button on the ingame display.
>Are any of the above possible or would I need to purchase a portable
>keyboard for my Ipaq?
>On 31/01/07, silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx <silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I have updated my Windows, Pocket PC and SmartPhone ports from 0.5.0 up to
>the current version 0.5.1
>> http://www.iaccarino.de/silvio/ppcstuff.htm
>> http://www.iaccarino.de/silvio/winstuff.htm
>> Have fun!
>> Silvio