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Re: Win32 version using cygwin


sorry for the short delay:

Any other changes required? Does it help if we just switch the
ifdef around.


#ifdef WIN32

This would do the trick. Also I didn't found the default.tiles and default.units and had to copy the one from 0.4.9 Where should they come from?

Another thing:

In path.cpp, function Path::StepsToDest

could you add a cast for Direction to the -1? Like this

unsigned short Path::StepsToDest( const Point &pos ) const {
  Point p( pos );
  short index = map->Hex2Index( p );
  Direction dir = (Direction)path[index];
  unsigned short steps = 0;

  while ( dir != (Direction) -1 ) {

This would prevent it from running in neverending circles when having unsigned enums. Palm version works, now I need to test the network part.

Bye Henk

  Henk Jonas
  Palm OS ® certified developer

  metaview@xxxxxx                                   www.metaviewsoft.de