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Re: Re: Updates

Hi Silvio,

I tried uninstalling the previous version and then tried to reinstall
it using version 0.51. I'm afraid though that the key problem hasn't
changed. When ever I click on a "hotkey" I'm usually kicked out of
playing Crimson Fields and returned to the file manager.
I don't suppose you have any other Ideas do you?

Thanks for you help and advice. I'm off to bed now.

On 06/02/07, silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx <silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Please uninstall the previous version - the new version has the same version number so the installer will not overwrite existing files.

Another solution is to install MSCEInf:
With this nice tool you can explorer and unpack any cab file. You need to unpack and exchange crimson.exe only.


>I've just downloaded the ppc installation file and opened it from my >computer while my Ipaq was connected. The program seemed to reinstall >everything fine. However, when I started the program on my ipaq and >tried to set up the keybindings, I found I could still only map the >centre key to a function. If I press any other key my ipaq immediately >minimizes Crimson fields and switches to File explorer (It might be >because I started Crimson fields from File explorer though). > >Am I doing anything wrong? > >On 31/01/07, silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx <silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: >> I have updated my Windows, Pocket PC and SmartPhone ports from 0.5.0 up to >the current version 0.5.1 >> >> http://www.iaccarino.de/silvio/ppcstuff.htm >> http://www.iaccarino.de/silvio/winstuff.htm >> >> Have fun! >> Silvio >>