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Re: Hello everybody, a new map.

On 29.01.2004 09:32, brain13homepage@pchome.com.tw wrote:
> the story has been changed, but the layout remains the same.
> Still have no idea how to improve this map.
> Reverse the roles maybe ?
> In the files with 5"r" the player play the role of the offendsive
> side.


I don't want to sound rude, and maybe it's just me, but I think the
design is bad from the start. First of all it's rather difficult
to make a map work right where one player is dug in up to about
his nose. The fact that the defender cannot even _try_ to break out
and charge his enemy because of the terrain only makes matters

I don't much like stationary units either. They can be nice in a
few selected locations on some maps, but having more than, say,
2 of them on a patch of 20x20 hexes is indicative of some serious
problems, IMO. Also, the attacker having empty transport ships
is pretty silly. I doubt they'll ever be used (which is almost
impossible anyway as they can only dock to the cliffs).

No offense, but I'd say it's probably easier to start an entirely
new map than to try to make this on work right.


PS: For further map posts, please consider sending in 0.4.0 format.
That way I wouldn't have to convert them manually ;-) and more
importantly the new version would get some more test coverage