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0.4.0 Testing


I have put a prerelease snapshot of the current development
version from CVS onto the web server at
Please download, throw it out the window, rip it to pieces,
blow it up, and report whether it breaks. There have been
substantial internal changes so even things that worked
flawlessly before may need fixing. In particular, I haven't
checked all resolutions with the new font code, yet.

This version supports internationalisation. English is done
(;-), and a German translation exists for in-game messages
and units but most of the missions are still missing. It
would be nice if we got one or two more languages for 0.4.0.
The README contains instructions. If you want to work on a
translation, please say so on the list to avoid duplicate
work. You should expect the strings to be volatile at least
for a few releases. I'll post modifications to the list.
And please test your translations in 320x240 resolution, too
(start the game with --width 320 --height 240).

Mainly as a result of these changes, the map format (source
and binary!) is not fully compatible with 0.3.x. It's easy
to update older maps, though.

Summary of changes for mappers:

* mission/title has been renamed to mission/name

* mission/name, player/name, and building/name are no longer
  strings but pointers into the messages section (same as e.g.
  event/message or mission/info)

* the messages section is opened by [messages(en)] (for the
  english version) and closed by [/messages]

* player names, building names, and mission name are mandatory

* the score event now has two more (optional) parameters:
  othermsg and othertitle which can help avoid the use of
  separate message events for the loser (see man cfed for
  more info)

Happy bug-hunting.