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Re: Undo bug found

On 23.01.2007 21:54, Z wrote:
> Not sure if this has been reported yet, but I noticed that the undo feature 
> doesn't undo building ownership.

Hrm, if this turns out to really be a bug you should have posted it 20
minutes earlier ;-)

> In any map with a neutral building, position your infantry where you can 
> enter the building during the next turn. In the next turn, enter the 
> building, then undo the move. The building is still owned by you, but you 
> are free to move your infantry somewhere else on the map.
> It's not a huge deal, but does present you with an added and unfair (albeit 
> slight) advantage.

Let me guess. You're using Silvio's Windows build? He had such a change in
one of the patches he sent me. In the upstream sources it's not possible
to undo such a move, precisely because of the issues this causes.