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Re: Win32 version using cygwin

silvio@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Header : shlobj.h
Lib : shell32.lib

Thank you very much. The correct file was actually included but the define _WIN32_IE was missing. Don't know why, as I thought it should be already defined in windows.h or any other windows main include file.
I added #define _WIN32_IE 0x0400 just before the # include <shlobj.h>
in file fileio.cpp and the whole stuff worked. None of the executable work, but it might be some missing DLLs. I have to check this.

You may use my Windows binary port (http://www.iaccarino.de/silvio/winstuff.htm) to create game data - all authoring components are included.

Yes, you're right. Thank you for the offer. But I got 0.49 running under cygwin and still want to do the same with 0.51. Also I prefer to have the cygwin version to debug and check how it is supposed to work, because I'm unable to connect any debugger to the Palm port. But I could do it as well with your VC++ code, correct. So it might be more a kind of challenge :-)

Regards Henk

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